by Tempaper
MAY 10 2018

One of our most asked questions is how ‘temporary’ is Tempaper? Will it start to fall off the wall at a certain point? The answer is… Tempaper is as ‘temporary’ as you want it to be (wink wink). Our self-adhesive, removable wallpaper allows you to decorate as temporarily or permanently as you like. The days of decorating for long term are gone. We pin, we browse Instagram hashtags and are inundated with new styles and trends. Enter Tempaper. When it comes time for a change, the removal process is quick and easy. Simply peel it off.



One of our favorite places to use Tempaper is a bathroom or powder room (yes Tempaper works perfectly in bathrooms because it’s resistant to steam and moisture!) Krys, from the Melo-drama, designed her Palm Springs bathroom with 2 prints in one year! She first had her eye on our popular Tropical print and its fun watercolor colorway back in May, but about a year later, Krys was ready for an update. This time Krys was crushing on Flamingo. She removed Tropical and in just a couple minutes, her walls were back to their original state and ready for the next makeover. Be sure to check out the Krys’s feed (@melodrama), she was born to design, decorate and re-decorate!



To read more about Kry’s bathroom transformation, head over to her blog post HERE.

Tempaper can be a long or short-term design choice because of its self-adhesive backing. There’s no reason to ever choose traditional wallpaper again!