by Danielle Tighe


Somewhere in your home, there’s a room or area that’s screaming for some design pizzazz – and creating an accent wall with wallpaper is the perfect solution! Before we get into some how-to’s, let’s review why wallpaper makes sense:

You can choose from a varied (but not overwhelming) selection of colors, patterns, textures, and even designs by popular Interior Designer Genevieve Gorder.

It’s an easy DIY project when you use self-adhesive, repositionable wallpaper such as Tempaper. This is not the wallpaper of days gone by that was a nightmare to put up or take down. See video How To Transform Your Space with Tempaper (spoiler alert: line up the patterns before adhering to the wall – genius!)

You don’t have to damage the wall in order to create impact. Wallpaper allows you to add color and style without putting nails in walls or repairing damage from holes. Additionally, with Tempaper, there’s no need for messy wall prep as with wallpaper that requires paste. Great for rental spaces, kids’ rooms, or anyplace you want to change the look!

accent wallpaper

High Impact Decorating Touches – Color, Pattern and Texture

Let’s start with color. With so many options, we encourage you to be inspired by colors that make you smile, remind you of a favorite person, place or thing, or elicit a certain feeling (warmth, energy, relaxation, etc.). And there’s no need to limit yourself to just one color family. Whether you gravitate toward coordinating colors, contrasting schemes, or neutrals with a pop of color, using wallpaper can enhance the color story in fun and elegant ways.

Our friends at HGTV gathered some ideas for using wallpaper as an accent in interesting ways – see Contemporary Wallpaper Design Trends. There are also lots of ideas continually added to our Pinterest and Instagram pages.

When choosing a patterned wallcovering for an accent wall, don’t be afraid to choose a big, bold pattern. In fact, our designers and many others think large-scale is just the way to get that wow factor in a way that suits current lifestyles. The Ace of Space echoes our vision of lively, unique spaces for everyone, in 8 Interior Wallpaper Trends for 2016.

Some of our favorite color schemes and patterns are inspired by: the great outdoors, with colors found in nature; eras such as 1940’s “glam” and mid-century modern; traditional, timeless styles such as Chinoiserie; and the simultaneous order and whimsy of geometrics. What inspires you? What color combinations do you like?

We’re excited by the new breed of beautiful textured wallcoverings that lend an air of sophistication to a room. How about bricks, weathered wood, lace, metal or burlap as a backdrop in your room? If the room is light on furniture, textured wallpaper can help the area look more complete. Precision, high-tech manufacturing makes textured, temporary wallpaper a great alternative to installing the actual materials or other types of wallcoverings that require paste.

Think about the mood you are trying to create in the room. Whether it’s a home office, dining room, living space, bedroom or foyer, using wallpaper for an accent wall can make your home a reflection of your style and interests.