by Tempaper
DECEMBER 04 2017

In 2012, Farah began Inspire Me! Home Decor’s Instagram page as a creative outlet to catalog inspiration and connect with others who share her passion for design. With Farah’s success on Instagram, she built Inspire Me! into a lifestyle brand, offering advice, inspiration, and Inspire Me! products to her audience. Tempaper recently launched the first Inspire Me Home Decor collection of removable wallcoverings designed by Farah. She spoke about her inspiration behind her prints:

‘My fans and my followers/homeowners were on my mind during the design process and finalizing the prints. My inspiration behind this collection was to make sure that the prints were versatile in design, elegant and yet still made a huge statement without the prints feeling overwhelming. This allows for longevity and allows the homeowner to enjoy their wallpaper for a long time to come. Classic elegance. I asked myself, what would I like to see in my own home and what would my fans love to see in my collection?’

Each design carries its own distinct style and can be easily enjoyed in any space and all three designs shine with metallic inks, a main request during the design process. Each design is sold in a double roll 20.5 inches wide by 11 yards long. Farah describes her interpretation of each print below:

Layered Love is simple, geometric straight match print in a bronze and metallic champagne colorway. ‘You can’t go more timeless than a beautiful chevron print. I wanted to put a little twist to it by adding layering and a 3D illusion to the print. Adding a metallic finish with a bold bronze backdrop takes this classic print to a whole new level and will compliment any room! From a powder room, an office or a statement wall in a family room or bedroom.’



Shimmer, originally called Diamond during the initial design stage, is a straight match design that comes in a taupe and metallic gold leaf colorway. ‘Be still my heart! Diamond and shimmer is the ultimate glam combo and of course since that is my style, it was only natural that I add this powerful combination in one of my prints.’



Lastly, Tear Drop Charcoal and Metallic Silver, which is also a straight match design. ‘Tear Drop is the perfect example of a bold statement mixed in with elegance. A print that does not overwhelm is a winner in my book. I chose a subtle color combination to allow the print to standout without it overwhelming a room. A perfect balance! Install this print in a bathroom, dining room, laundry room or a statement wall in a bedroom and family room.’