by Danielle Tighe

JULY 06 2016
Are you getting ready to live in a dorm room or apartment? Do you want to make it your own unique sanctuary, even if it’s a small space that you can’t permanently alter? We’ve got some ideas for you.


Are you getting ready to live in a dorm room or apartment for the upcoming school year? Do you want it to feel like your own unique sanctuary, despite it being a small space that you’re not allowed to permanently alter?! Well, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Paint the walls? No, too messy. Hang pictures? No, puts holes in walls you’ll have to repair before moving out. Hmmmm…

What about wallpaper? Traditionally this would not be an option for a temporary living space (for several reasons), but modern technology has changed that! Now, thanks to the availability of self-adhesive, removable wallpaper, such as Tempaper, it’s easy for amateur do-it-yourself-ers to add a burst of style to a dorm room or apartment.

So what are the best ways to use this type of wallpaper for a small space? The project can be done in a few hours, with the help of a friend (and perhaps two hallmarks of college life: pizza and a beverage of choice). When planning a project using temporary wallpaper, start by knowing your options: Tempaper-stripe-horizontal

There are many designs and colors to choose from – from bold to serene patterns. If existing options aren’t just right for you, have fun creating your own wallpaper design, using your own image or pattern, or by changing the colors of an existing pattern! The options are endless!

Temporary wallpaper is ideal for smooth painted wall surfaces and makes for a great featured wall statement. It’s not recommended for cinderblock or brick walls, so get creative with where you’ll place it.

It’s not just for walls! Tempaper covers areas that may be a bit worn from previous use, and gives a great splash of color – try it on desks, doors, headboards, dressers, shelves, in closets, and even staircase risers. Check out our Pinterest and Instagram pages for ideas.

You can make a bold statement using contrasting colors and patterns, perhaps even incorporating the colors of your school, favorite sports team, a rainbow or any other scheme that means something to you.

For extra fun, try plain white wallpaper – then go ahead and draw or paint on Tempaper-by-youit, let your visitors write a quick note on it, tape pictures to it – so many possibilities! It’s great for the back of a door or a wall.

To make a small space feel larger, try these tips: Apply wallpaper to one wall as a focal point, ideally a wall that’s seen immediately upon entering the room.

Add accents up high – put wallpaper on the ceiling or on shelves or cabinets that are above eye level.

Try vertical-oriented patterns such as stripes to make a room feel taller and airier or horizontal patterns to make a narrow room feel wider and more spacious.

See more ideas from Apartment Therapy – The Case for Using Pattern in Small Spaces.

Once your project is complete, tell your friends and the world by sharing photos of your #Tempaper style on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, then sit back and enjoy!