by Tempaper
JANUARY 27 2017

In today’s high-tech digital world, one could argue that kids need all the inspiration they can get to engage their imaginations, dream of new possibilities, be creative. That’s why we’ve expanded our line of removable wallpaper designed especially for kids’ bedrooms and play spaces. Carefully chosen colors and patterns provide the perfect backdrop for kids to be kids!

“Being a mother myself, I drew inspiration from my children and created design concepts using the elements that excite them,” said Jennifer Matthews, co-founder and co-owner of Tempaper. “I hope Tempaper Kids Border + Stripes designs inspire children’s imaginations to run wild and that they love living amongst these playful elements.” With designs suited to babies, toddlers, big kids and tweens, these easily-removable borders can be changed as kids move from one stage of life to the next.

Fresh New Patterns Give Flare to Familiar Shapes

Abstract patterns, familiar shapes, and fresh ways to apply the wallpaper enable parents to create a room that’ll appeal to each child’s interests and likes. This collection of removable, repositionable wallpaper puts a new spin on the concept of a border – various configuration oprtions and the idea of vertical placement bring a whole new world of possibilities!



Have fun! Many of these designs work great when stacked in rows or placed vertically, and various color options widen the decorating spectrum.

Help your child’s mind reach for the sky with Falling Stars, Falling Dots, Galaxy, or Celestial. TIP: When stacking Falling Dots or Falling Stars flip strips to create a burst effect, with stars or dots clustered together. TIP: When stacking borders with abstract patterns, slightly shift strip left or right to avoid repetition of elements in same position on each row

Inspire play, movement, and storytelling with Princess, Carnival Toile, City, Medieval Toile, Magical Garden and Dinosaurs. TIP: Stack rows of Carnival Toile, Medieval Toile or Princess with no space between them for a bigger visual impact. Simply match up the patterns as you apply the removable wallpaper horizontally.

Create splashes of color with Painted Stripes and Triangles. TIP: Go vertical with these, grouping two or three strips together with or without space in between for an eye-catching floor-to-ceiling design.


An Easy DIY Project You Can Feel Good About

You can change up your child’s bedroom, playroom or even their bathroom in an afternoon,

with no messy glue or the aggravation of putting up traditional wallpaper. Since it’s self-adhesive (peel & stick), Tempaper can be applied, adjusted and removed much easier than traditional wallpaper. It’s an ideal way for renters or homeowners to enjoy high-impact decorating without a long-term commitment or worrying about damaging walls, staircases, book shelves, closets, furniture or other surfaces creative DIYers may adorn.

Made with concern for the health of people and the environment, all Tempaper designs are lead-free, phthalate-free, VOC-free, and use water-based adhesive and inks. All patterns in the Tempaper Kids Border + Stripes collection come in 15’ x 6.1” rolls.

Tempaper is a family-owned company started in NYC by set decorators. All patterns are 100% manufactured within the U.S.A. Tempaper has revolutionized the wall décor industry making self-adhesive wallpaper one of the most sought-after decorating tools on the market.